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The site of the first building was below Shore Street and is now covered by the sea at high tide.  During the ministry of the Reverend John Beatty (1737-1794) the church was rebuilt on a new site, still on Shore Street; and this in turn was replaced by a new church building in 1790, occupying the same location.  Later this site was occupied by the Maypole Cinema.

  In 1847 an appeal was launched for funds to build a new church, the present building, which was opened for worship in 1849.  The architect was Charles Lanyon, who also designed the Sullivan National School, much of The Queen’s University, Belfast; and the Court House, Crumlin Road, Belfast – note the similarity of the Grecian style.  It is a listed building of historical interest and from an architectural point of view is of considerable merit.  In recent years, considerable work has been done in providing new washroom and kitchen facilities; and in 2003, a major restoration was completed, including: a new roof; the re-pointing of stonework; installation of new windows; an upgrading of the schoolroom; installation of new lighting and heating; and the decoration and carpeting of the interior.  We are indebted to the Heritage Lottery Fund, without whose support this work would not have been possible.






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